Future of the iGaming Industry

The igaming industry has been growing immensely worldwide. Its Growth has been attracting the attention of many igaming companies all over the world.

Let’s get some insights of the vibrant industry and the bright prospects it holds for the future.

An Overview of igaming market

In the past years, the world has spent more than 100 billion dollars on games (including i-gaming), which is even more than what moviegoers all over the world spend each year.

As the igaming industry’s revenue continues to shoot up each year, it is evident what the projections are leading to – ‘Monumental Growth’!

Source: adroitmarketresearch.com

In India alone, the online gaming industry is projected to grow by 5 Billion Dollars by 2025.

So yes, when it comes to the igaming industry future, it looks promising and full of possibilities.

But most interestingly, it could even go beyond our present expectations (because we can only see what is in front of us and not what sort of gaming revolution lies ahead of us).

The Thrill of i-games

Do you remember how it was in the earlier days one had to physically go somewhere to play an exciting game/sport or gamble at the casinos? Keeping in control of their excitement on their way. The wait was real!

But when it comes to igaming, thousands of games in various categories are now accessible from the comfort of your personal gadget. And the gaming experience is allowed to focus on the thrill and the huge adrenaline rush it provides.

Image Source: The European Business Review

Today, the same feeling and the rest of the emotions can be felt while you easily access the best betting games on your favourite igaming platforms.

This is why the igaming companies worldwide have experienced incredible growth, both in customers and revenue.

Other Benefits of i-games

With the evolution of igaming through the years, some things have emerged as winners over traditional gaming/casino/betting- 

  • Capacity to host players on a large scale.
  • Operate and offer exciting offers and bonuses.
  • Easy and multiple payment options.
  • Safety and complete Privacy.
  • Hundreds of games to choose from.

Industry Overview for Upcoming igaming Entrepreneurs

Looking back at the history of the igaming industry helps us realise that the prospects of the igaming industry have never been as promising as it is today.

Hosting igaming affiliates and igaming platforms continue to be a robust and profitable business. It has massive revenues and a growing market.

In 2021 the overall gaming industry generated total revenue of 180.3 billion dollars.

Statistics also show that there will be 2.4 billion mobile gamers by 2023. Playing mobile games is the most convenient and attracts a lot of traction.

While gaming is making its mark, sports betting is leading its way, with a market of more than 71.53 billion, which is expected to grow to 140.26 billion by 2028 comprising a 10.1% growth rate, which is huge!

A fascinating fact that might make your head spin is that 70% of all the betting done worldwide is done on football matches. Yes, especially in the largest markets like Europe and Asia.

Following such market trends, casinos and other igaming companies are constantly evolving with a spectrum of possibilities. But, all this leads to who serves a better gaming experience and who develops the best Tailor-Made platform to keep customers satisfied.

This is where GAMING GODFATHER comes in.

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