Indian Gaming Market

The Indian Gaming Market is growing in parallel with the other entertainment industry including cinema, home entertainment, and audio. The experts have predicted the Indian gaming market to be as humongous as the 5 billion markets in size by 2025 despite the industry standing at 1% of the global gaming market. Yes, you heard it right, the Indian gaming industry is soaring high in the world market which is currently valued at 930 million and is expected to cross the predicted margin very soon. The leading one is the PUBG Mobile which had an estimated 34 million Indians playing daily.


Growth of Indian Gaming Market


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With the pandemic hit, the Indian gaming market has seen a growth of more than 40% in the year 2020-2021 which is more than that of OTT, television and social media platforms. The market is estimated to reach USD 3.9 billion at least in 2025, which is certainly 5 times more of what it’s been standing today.

The huge contribution in the Indian Gaming Industry has been probably because of the availability of better smartphones, increased internet access, influencers and of course the global pandemic. The mobile app downloads grew by more than 50 per cent during the covid-19.

Many players or consumers are engaged in such markets to avoid boredom and many die-hard fans are engaged because of their competitive spirit and few geeky ones to enhance their skills. Companies who grasp these varied consumers will be certainly the ones who will lead the Indian gaming industry. One such growing leader is gaminggodfather we have several such consumers who are running high with their gaming experiences through our website.

Recently, our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi called for the development of content promotion in the Indian Gaming industry. The Indian government is also expected to establish industry and strong academic interfaces to accelerate new career paths in gaming.

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