How to get an online casino license?

A valid license is all you need to quick-start your online gaming business, without it you will surely put yourself in jeopardize. In fact, all online casinos need a gambling license for them to be allowed to operate. Without one, the companies are bound to provide any kind of services to its consumers. 

Do you own an online casino or are you thinking of entering the world of virtual gaming? If yes, then I am sure this guide is a must for you. There are varieties of online casinos available in which people can play casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Andar Bahar, Baccarat and many others. These games are played against the “house” which makes people earn lots of money because the odds are in their favor.

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Online gambling in India is a bad offence, however the gambling activities varies state to state formulating their own set of rules. Also its a huge fact that despite the existing prohibitive legislations, there is extensive illegal gambling throughout the country. The Indian gambling market is worthy as high as US$60 billion per year, of which about half is illegally bet. Though, many Indian professional has urged Indian government to introduced legal yet regulated gambling in India. The illegal gambling market in India is more than 100 billion, speeding at 7% rate per year, despite of it been strictly prohibited. The market of gambling in here India is huge and exciting. And since, they say this is an golden era of entrepreneurship in India and if you are strongly going to consider this as your business, you can consider giving knock to gaminggodfather, they are the giants in setting up and providing licesne to your igaming business. 

First of all, let’s clear your doubt by simply answering “WHAT Is An Online CASINO LICENSE?

In simple words, if I put it, it is an approval or authorization required to own, operate or run your casino business and it is merely a certification that allows an operator to offer their gaming product to players. For obtaining such a license the owner or an operator has to go through certain documentation and they will also have to pay a fee for applying and obtaining the license.

Do you believe it? The market of online gambling is worth 40 billion globally each year as per various reports but still many countries restrict online gambling. Though, it is legal in some countries such as fewer states of the United States, some provinces in Canada, most countries of the European Union and several nations in the Caribbean. The casino licensing laws vary from country to country, in some countries such as the US, UK, Poland, France and others, the laws are broadly followed and kept hard under the scanner of both government and non-government organizations to ensure customers are safe from any scams, thus being an operator you ought to understand every hidden protocols when beginning such online gaming business. Thus in my good suggestion, i would prefer you to hand over all your technicalities on gaminggodfather, as they are truly the giant in creating such igaming business. If you belong to India and are really interested in starting your online gaming business or looking for your online Casino business in some other offshore country. Then, you can contact them at or at Getting an online casino license or any gaming license could be a lot easier and faster if you are getting it processed through these igaming giants because it really matters a lot from where you are obtaining your online casino license. 

This very own website that can offer a licensing process for your online gaming Business is you can refer to this page and quickly obtain your gaming license from leading gambling authorities. The process can take up to 5-8 weeks depending upon the types of gaming license you choose. Don’t Worry!! About the process and the documentation, that’s completely on us, gaming godfather assures you in getting your cost-effective license service and thereafter you can reassure your customer about their safety and security in your gaming company. 

It is advisable to consider taking an online casino license in any offshore country if you really find that the cost in your country is a little expensive and difficult. However, the cost may vary from country to country. You need to take into consideration every nuance of licensing rules. 

Online gambling or playing casino online has become one of the popular & lucrative businesses on the internet today. The Internet has welcomed these new types of gambling to be available online. Improvements in technology & updated API integration have changed the phenomena of betting, same as video lottery terminals, keno and scratch-cards changed the gambling industry in the 20th century.

So you must have known by now that, gaming license is necessary for an online gambling enterprise to run your igaming business smoothly. gaminggodafther and supernowa offers license in Malta and Curacao as these two are the top two preferences till date with the most amount of advantages. Some of the countries that provides igaming license includes: Curacao, Malta, Uk, South Africa,Cyprus, Comoros, Isle of Man, Alderney, Costa Rica. Sweden, UKGC. 

If you seriously considering setting up your online casino business offshore, the following 5 destination should be on your preferred chart.

  1. Malta: Malta is an island nation in the Mediterranean between Italy and North Africa. This country is a memebr of EU stated and people generally prefer living higg standard. Malta laws states that companies can registered here to offer web-based casino and slot games to customers anywhere in the world.

Charges at Malta looks like: 

License fees: €5,000 for initial application, plus annual fees starting at €25,000 depending on profits . 

Tax: An effective rate of 5% on profits.

2. Curacao:  Curaçao is chosen number one destination for offshoring. The country has established some of the world’s first online gaming regulations in the year 1996. The interested operator can negotiate with the government of Curacao for fees going forward.

Charges at Curacao looks like:

60,000 ANG (or about $34,000) setup fee and then 10,000 ANG (about $5,600) per month for the first two years. 

Tax: 2% net tax on profits.

3. UK: UK is yet another big gambling market as it has high betting culture with higher tax rates and license fees. However, if you think of establishing your igaming business here, the benefits of setting up here are significant. The gambling rules are monitored by Gambling Commission under Gambling Act 2005. Gambling charges at UK looks likes:

License fees: £5,711 for initial application and varying annual fees

Tax: 21%

4. South Africa: This is another live and attarctive hub preferred for starting your igaming business. The initial licensing fee for a manufacturer’s license here in South Africa is R 120,000. The fee for a license renewal is R 80,000.

5. Isle of Man: Located in the irish sea between Britain & Ireland. The gaming act was established here in the year 2001. They offer one license which covers all the igames. Costs £35,000 per annum and runs for an initial period of five years. The initial licence application fee is £5,000

So, which offshore you would prefer. And whatever offshore your choice is for setting up your online casino business, prefer getting it done through gaminggodfather, because of their smooth process & minimal charges intake.


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